N & N are a couple of Art School dropouts, who bonded together in their weird creativity. Nonka is a wiz when it comes to making websites and design and Nerderella illustrates and and swears like a sailor.
Out of rebellious intent we started our website; Petite Poubelle.
Sixteen years later it was time for a revamp.

Where we used to stress about Art school ( JA, OM JOU HERMAN!)
We now stress on deciding which planners to get for the new year, which stamp inks go best on Midori paper. And IS THIS FOUNTAIN PEN INK WATERPROOF?!?!1?

Here we share our journals, tips and tricks and websites and other stuff we like.

Welkom, en let niet op de rommel.


Can I find you on instagram?
Sure! You can find us here and here

I remember a whole different Petitepoubelle.nl. Where is it?
We grew up and put it in a dusty archive. You can watch that little piece of art here. 😀

Do you get paid for the content you post?
No, not at the moment.